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Join us at Study Break Wellness and experience the transformative power of intentional breaks.

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Calendar Integration

Our video-guided study breaks seamlessly integrate into your calendar, providing you with the tools to recharge and enhance productivity. Add one-time sessions, or create recurring sessions with the calendar app of your choice.

Campus Opportunities

Interested in bringing intentional, on-your-schedule guided study breaks to your entire school? Fill out the contact form on the Campus Opportunities page to reach out to a representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Schedule Your Videos On My Calendar?

6 out of 10 students experience overwhelming anxiety in college*, and often we find our anxiety increasing when mindlessly scrolling social media or engaging in activities that clutter our minds during breaks. Embrace the power of intentional study breaks through calendar-linked reminders that sync directly to the video of your choice.

How Long Are Your Videos?

Choose from 2-15 minute guided video breaks that range from mental resets to physical stretches. Studies have shown that taking even a 5-minute break led to increased energy and a greater likelihood of setting and achieving work goals**.

When Should I Schedule My Breaks?

Plan to take short breaks every 30-60 minutes for maximum productivity. Our video-guided breaks can be scheduled at any time(s) that work best for you. Select a video, schedule it for the day(s) and time(s) you prefer, and let calendar reminders do the rest.

Can Videos Be Scheduled for Recurring Times?

Yes! Use the Recurring function on your calendar invite to schedule your video break daily, weekly, etc.. Videos can also be scheduled on a one-time occurrence, or you can skip the calendar linking altogether by clicking on Watch Now.

What Type of Video-Guided Breaks Do You Offer?

You can filter by three different categories when searching for videos:
1. Breathwork - Discover the transformative power of breathwork: it reduces stress, increases mental clarity, enhances productivity, and reconnects you with your inner calm.
2. Meditation - Meditation brings clarity, tranquility, and a sense of gratitude to the soul.
3.Movement -Taking regular movement breaks while studying not only rejuvenates your body but also recharges your mind.

Do You Offer Campus Packages?

Yes, please let your Student Success department know about and have them reach out to for campus pricing.

Can I Cancel My Membership Anytime?

Yes, navigate to your profile on the top right page, and click on Cancel. Access to content included in your subscription ends on the date of cancellation and no refunds will be issued. If you would like to keep access to content through your billing date, please cancel on the last day of your current billing period.